How AI is NOT only self driving cars and backflipping robots – AI for SMEs

Whenever we talk about AI, pictures of  Atlas and its gymnastic skills or Tesla’s self-driving cars come into mind. While we still have time for our metal overlords to take over, most of us do not realize that AI is not only for the most advanced labs and multi billion companies, but can be harnessed by SMEs and even start ups.

We all know how AI has impacted our personal lives – personal assistant in our phones, video recommendations by youtube or booking a cab for example. But I mainly want to focus on how AI can help you grow your business – especially, if you are an SME or a start up.


Establish product-market fit

Often, small companies have only a handful or even one product to offer. Finding the right product-market fit is perhaps the most crucial task for their success and the task can be equally daunting. AI can bring transformational results by performing faster and more accurate customer-segmentation, while identifying their needs. AI can help create and run tests (which are often small and limited for an SME) thus aiding the company to strategize a more efficient market attack.


Marketing automation

AI can play a very important role in boosting your marketing endeavours. These systems can help you pinpoint your target audiences and can provide a deeper insight into targeting your customer base. AI can help create customer personas thus removing clutter while searching for new prospects. Such systems can also reduce the effort by automating repetitive tasks and allowing it to take small decisions. An example could be to let the AI calculate and decide when to publish your next advertisement and in which channel to maximize footprints.


Intelligent sales processes

Use of AI in sales can add extreme value while saving a bucket load of your time. Here at Scientist Technologies, we use AI techniques like predictive analytics, NLP and classification algorithms at almost all the steps in our sales cycle. It helps gather information and research on our leads, updates their statuses by processing their responses, reminds follow-ups and pins a reliable score on each lead while calculating their chances of conversion.

Chatbots can be extremely important for increasing conversions, especially if you have a product to offer and have a pull mechanism to attract your customers. Chatbots increase customer engagement, scale with traffic and reduces costs by reducing human dependency.


Providing quality customer service

Using AI, companies can provide a better experience when it comes to engaging customers and catering to their complaints and queries. An AI powered ticketing system can make all the difference and help you streamline your ticket resolution process. It can communicate to your customers, analyse their queries and demands, and keep track of the tickets. It can alert or notify your customer support team based in the importance of the tickets and the stages they are in, and thus help manage them better. As these are highly scalable and always available, it removes a major dependency on humans to resolve tickets and helps you sail through during seasonal peaks.


To sum it up

AI tools can be an excellent way to declutter your operations, increase overall efficiency, get deeper insights and help achieve your company goals in this highly competitive world.

Scientist Technologies helps companies to quickly ramp up on adopting AI into their everyday processes. Feel free to reach out us for a free evaluation on how AI can help grow your business.

Bonus: Here is Disney’s superhero robot helping them with their movies.

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